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About Us

Portraits By Emem is a lux private portrait studio located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our photography services creates a memorable experience that showcases the light of every individual, helping them understand the value in their unique self, by seeing and feeling their own beauty, even long after the photo session with timeless Images that never goes out of style.

Our services provide further compliments in-wardrobe, hair and make-up styling – a fusion of modern glamour, beauty and fashion for the everyday man and woman.

A transformational experience focused at mirroring the Image and likeness of perfection.

Meet The Team

Emem Akinyemiju

Hometown & Tribe: Eket & Ibibio

Residence: Lagos, Nigeria.

Hobbies: Goofy, dancing, singing and cooking.

Guilty Pleasures: Watching Seasonal Movies

Interesting Titbits: I was made in the 80’s. I have a soft spot for goof interior designs. playing with my kids is always therapeutic. In the world of fragrance, I am cognoscenti. I have a kick for good music and food. I am forever a soft life girl.

A Perfect Day: laying in a comfy bed in a nicely lit room with a nice bottle of wine & chocolate watching a good Bollywood movie on netflix.

Miracle Nwachukwu

Hobbies: Singing & Reading

Guilty Pleasures: giving myself admirable advice, but incapable of taking it.

Interesting Titbits: I am fun and lovable. I’m clever that sometimes i don’t understand a single word of what I am saying. My life is like a joke. so I’m naturally funny and I have a disease called laughter. I’m contagious.

A Perfect Day: having an 8 to 9 hours sleep time. Having conversation with close friends and family before going to sleep.

Happiness Onobun

Hobbies: Self photography and watching movies.

Guilty Pleasures: Putting things in an online cart and then never purchasing.

Interesting Titbits: I love fashion. On the other hand, I am also a very emotional person. I express my feelings easily so that I will not hold it until I explode. I’m accustomed to being friends with older adults. i believe in values and principles. I’m an introvert. I have Zoo-phobia.

A Perfect Day: Is me roaming around the neighbourhood looking for a perfect background to take pictures of myself.

be celebrated! feel beautiful and look amazing!

the pbe experience is everything!


Chevron Drive,
Lekki Epe Expressway
Lagos – Nigeria

[email protected]

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